Autumn Leaf Colours

Leaf colours

Leaf colours

Now THIS is a Car

Now THIS is a Car

Tree Colours

Tree Colours

Stepped off the plane and explored the intrigues of Berkeley. After coming from Australia, to see these yellow and red leaves was a showstopper. Well it is my first day so it doesn’t take much!! I love these colours anyway and somehow these leaves seem too perfect to be lying about on the ground.

The trees are wonderful, as a painter I can see a composition on every corner.

I have kept my word and sketched for a few minutes each day. So I’ll put them up in my next post.

By the way – what do you think of this car!! There will no doubt see more classics like this, but it’s right over the road, and it looks like an event waiting to happen.


    • Hi Allan, We both take great photos these days, but I’m looking for compositions I might paint usually. I was knocked over by the tree colours, which you would be more familiar with. Love this place.


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