Snow Compositions

Pathway in snow

Pathway in snow

Boathouse on the lake

Boathouse on the lake

Houses in snow

Houses in snow

I am so excited by the prospect of taking home my sketches and pics, and beginning the paintings that will follow this adventure.

There is a lightness to the whole scene which I hadn’t expected. Unlike a rainy day, the snow flakes I’ve met just touch your face and melt.

Different of course when you take the shovel and try to clear the driveway. Then it is solid and hard to move.

For my paintings, I will show the lightness and the contrast between the pure whiteness and the snowy fir trees. That is the theory. Somehow I can’t see it being easy. There is so much subtleness going on in there, and it’s not just dark against light,

MMMmmmm. Much observation yet needed I think. On with the sketches then.

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