Tuscany Painting in Exhibition

Montalcino, the painting on location

Montalcino, the painting on location

Montalcino Morning, Tuscany painting

Montalcino Morning, Tuscany painting

I have created groups of work for the exhibition, according to which country they were painted in, and then the regions.

The painting trip I was on last year was through Italy – Tuscany first then on to Umbria. Several works from this trip are in the show.

Luckily  I’d thought to take this photo. Honestly, I wish I did this more. Most of the time it seems everybody else is in the shots, but try and find one with ME in it or actually painting!!! Best of Luck. This is the hilltop town of Montalcino. Quite big compared to many of the nearby villages and we stayed several days here. This gives time to get to know how the village works and where the best painting spots are. From where I did this one, I chose to look up to the cottages with their interesting windows, doorways and balconies, while the others were painting the view down across the rooftops looking the other way. I think I captured the feeling quite well here. There are a few others done in Montalcino in the exhibition.

Three of us are doing a similar adventure in May this year. Back to Barga – the hilly part – in the Lucca area for a week.  Then we head off to a village near Lyon, where Niki ( from Austin Texas ) is  facilitating a group. So Glenys and I will have another superb week puddling with paint, ancient stone settings, local foods and produce.  ( I will tell you about these 2 trips soon, as you may be interested in going some time. )

The 3 of us have so enjoyed our painting travels together in the past, that we’ve organised our own for next time. The Greek Isles, and Italy were part of an organised group, which were fabulous, and we have some hysterical times. We are very serious painters so we work darned hard during the day, and thoroughly enjoy our down time. Roll on May.


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  2. Hi Erin, thanks so much for visiting my blog Parisdreamtime and for leaving this nice comment. It’s great to come here and discover your colorful paintings full of the spirit of the places you visit. I’ll put a link to your blog on mine, if I may, so we can stay in contact.
    Have a wonderful day
    greetings from Paris


  3. I get such pleasure seeing your lovely sketches. I’ve been doing more of it too now. I have already put a link to your blog so I enjoy seeing what you are up to. The weather here is beautiful. Definitely swimming weather. I watch the temperatures in Paris, as our daughter lives there.
    So nice to hear from you. At this time you are early morning Monday and we have just had dinner on Monday. Amazing being so far from everybody, but ahead.


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