Line & Watercolour – On the Esplanade

Line drawing - On the Esplanade

Line drawing - On the Esplanade

Painting - On the Esplanade

Painting - On the Esplanade

More drawings.

This is one of two that I’m working on, in skinny portrait. That’s because I can fit two on my watercolour block and they are a nice size. I might do the next two as skinny landscapes.

This time I used less hatching than ‘Kiosk’ and with watercolour going over the top. it probably didn’t need it.

The lines are very free. I never use a ruler,  – as if you couldn’t guess, and they tend to go a bit where they like sometimes. But that is part of the idea.

The colours are actually cleaner in the original. Tend to get a bit blue straight off my camera but you get the general idea. I am very keen on getting the character of people when they’re out like this. They way they lie on the beach, sit on seats, walk alone or walk in groups, Mums with prams, – they are all there to be observed.

More to come when the second one gets it’s paint applied. ( Sounds like I’m painting a house! )

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