Line & Watercolour-From the Island

Line- From The Island

Line- From The Island

Watercolour-From The Island

Watercolour-From The Island

The second drawing.

These walls are very ‘Balmoral’. Also very difficult to get right. There are upper and lower levels. Pointed caps, bevelled indented panels and much more. Actually they are a nightmare to draw, but look great even if you only get some bits right.

The bridge from the island is rather an icon of Balmoral Beach. Every painter shows this bridge, usually from one side or the other, but here I’ve shown the angle where you see the view to another icon, the Rotunda.

Anyway, I think it looks quite good now with the watercolour put on, and I’m getting better at knowing how I want the look to be.

This is me pushing out of my comfort zone and having a go at other ways of doing a painting. I’m even thinking of getting out the oil pastels and giving them their moment in the limelight. We’ll see.


  1. Hi Erin – I love the way you capture detail in ink and add the colour – I like all the people and the gulls – I also find your comments about capturing the architecture encouraging as I find this kind of detail quite daunting. Stephen


    • Thanks Stephen, At the moment I seem to have two ways of drawing. The fast sketch and then the more detailed ones using reference pics i’ve taken.
      I think I’m getting over my architecture aversion by not doing everything there, but trying to get the main shapes to speak for themselves. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!


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