Painting with Friends in Tuscano

Niki Considering the wine

Niki Considering the wine

Krysia & Glenys Considering more wine

Krysia & Glenys Considering more wine

In May this year is another ‘Painting Week’ in Barga, Tuscany.

Introducing Niki and Glenys. We started painting together in 2002 in the Greek Islands.

It was the first organised painting trip we’d done with a group and we’ve developed a bit of a passion for it . In 2008 we did the Italy trip through Tuscany and Umbria. We just have such a glorious time together and have the same mad humour and dedication to getting paint on paper – oil on canvas for them.

We had thought we would do something together this year and as it turned out Niki is facilitating a group of US painters near Lyon to which she decided to call in the back-up team – us.

Being just a week we thought we’d like to add another week somewhere else. Coming from Downunder means travelling a very long way to get to Europe – so we might as well stay a bit longer than a week. Glenys is from NZ as she makes very clear if anyone thinks she’s an Aussie by the way!!

Hence the idea of going back to Chris Bell in Barga for the week prior. Luckily he and Krysia had an Art Week that worked in, so we look forward hugely to returning to their fab set-up. Chris can turn his mind to paint anything in any medium ( you will see this on his website ) which is perfect timing for me, in that I’d like to try out some new approaches.

These pics from our 2008 trip, show Niki when we were painting in a very stylish riverside restaurant in Florence, where they very kindly gave us a window table and from where we did some Ponte Vecchio sketches. The next picture is in Barga. The 2 girls were having much conversation about the local painting spots we’d be going to.

So as it gets closer our anticipation rises. It’s so great to have these trips on the horizon and keeps us very focussed on our Art, the local foods, the painters of the region and the history of each town.

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