Quick Notebook Sketch in Vegas

Las Vegas,  Hotel Bellagio

Las Vegas, Hotel Bellagio

Getting back to my fast sketches.

This was done while sitting at the French bistro under the Eiffel Tower, directly across the road from Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas. Is anything real?

There was time to do this one  – after ordering my French salad with French fromage, and French baguette came to the table. Where am I again?

As with everything in Vegas, the hotel is gynormous, so I may not have got every window and a few floors may be missing, but it’s captured the character of the structure – to me anyway, in the time I had.

Speed is of the essence for me. Give me longer and I’ll start doing more detail, but when you are with other people it’s a bit anti-social – and I can’t sketch and carry on a conversation at the same time.


  1. This sketch is lovely Erin. I love this style. Ever come across Sir Hugh Casson or David Gentleman? Same genre. Gentleman strokes in washes of colour and then inks in afterwards. I wonder which you do first?


    • I looked them both up and adored their work. There was a gorgeous drawing done by Gentleman of buildings in Orvieto. I haven’t tried the wash first but I shall. You are very encouraging. Thank you.


  2. Hi Erin, this is great! Great sketch and illusion! So funny cause I thought: hey, where on earth did she see this sitting in a bistro under the eiffeltower:):):)
    Love quick sketching, and feel so related to your’s as I do it in line drawings too. I make the lines first, and then the colors:)
    Have a great week
    love from Paris


    • Tricked you. Las Vegas is very funny. You can be in Egypt at one end of the street and Paris at the other, plus everything in between.
      But I do love your sketches with people. Just so heart warming. I am going to try some fast sketches putting the wash down first and then the line.
      Hope it’s going well for the exposition.


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