Full Moon – Cropped 4 Ways

Full Moon on the harbour

I hadn’t realised we had a full moon till I suddenly noticed how bright the night seemed to be. This moon was fabulous and I wondered if it was possible to paint all those subtle darks.

I knew I couldn’t paint at night so did a reference pic which of course could not show much except where the reflections the moon and the monastery were.

Here is where my artistic interpretation took charge, and I decided this is what I saw. I suspect the tones were a lot closer but I didn’t think it would work if it was too dark. Who knows. I was happy anyway.

“Full Moon on the Harbour”  Size 230x125mm   ©ErinHill2010

Moon crop 2

Moon crop 2

Moon crop 3

Moon crop 3

Moon crop 4

Moon crop 4

Decided to try Dean’s suggestion and see what comes out of cropping the Moon painting in other ways. MMmm there are some good portions to move in on actually, in fact I’ve only put up the 3 as some are very similar or didn’t work.

I shall let you decide. The top one is the whole painting. A bit of fun doing this anyway.


  1. Hey Erin – I love this – you get real dark washes that sparkle too – neat – what a beautiful scene! I love full moon and this watercolour captures the magic – mmmm


  2. deanmelbourne

    Really lovely. I would love to see what would happen if you just cropped out sections of this to see. I think a small section could say everything about the feeling of that night. I am a big fan of inky blackness. It adds real mystery!


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