Sunrise-Watercolour with line



I wasn’t expecting to paint early this morning. I mean, it’s midweek and I have things to do , places to be!!

When I opened my eyes my first thought was to get the kettle on. But I could see the warm glow sneaking through the crack in the curtains – so mind being pin sharp – filled my water jar, and thought ” I’ll have a go at this.”  Opened the water colours, and began putting down washes. I was about to complete one when the sun began with it’s yellow glow, to come up over the hill line. “Wow, I have to try this too.”  More water, get the Terre verte over the land, more water, bit of yellow, back to the pink, over to the blue. Looked alright.

Then left both to dry, and had my cuppa tea. I wasn’t going to but I wanted to put black pen over some parts of them, and was quite pleased in the end. This one is more interesting than the other so I’ll show you just the one. Mmmm and I was a bit late getting out of here. But I was happy.

©ErinHill 2010

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