Tommy Rocker’s Las Vegas

Tommy Rockers Las Vegas

Tommy Rockers Las Vegas

I was flipping through my sketch book and found some of the sketches I’d been doing in Las Vegas last December 09. I found it so easy to take out the pen and pad in casinos, cafes, bars etc. No one cares, in fact they like being looked at in that town.

This particular evening Milton and I felt like taking in some good music. Rock, jazz, blues, all fine, except it was after 1am and the major shows had all gone to bed. The boys out the front of the hotel suggested Tommy Rocker’s. Live music, open late  not too flashy – sounded perfect. We knew it was the real thing when we saw all the trucks in the car park and not one stretch limo in sight.

In we went, ordered a drink and sat up at the tables to listen to the very excellent rock group on stage. Quite a basic venue but long established. Out with the pad and with all the coloured lights I could see where the lines were going. Didn’t hold my breath but most of the scribbles caught the atmosphere quite well. They were a good band and we chatted to them later, and they play that and other venues where real people and locals go. USA folk are lovely, will chat with anyone, particularly if you are from Oz. Would definitely go again.

Back to the drawing. The original is below. Only the other day did I put the colour on as I recall it. That sign was very bright and so were the spotlights on the boys. Some of the audience had lots of darks, but reflective light as well. Most interesting.   ©ErinHill2010

Tommy Rocker's - Line Sketch

Tommy Rocker’s – Line Sketch


  1. Nice sketch on site. I find this takes some courage. So this is inspiring. I like the way you capture darks and bright lights. I also like the energy in the painting which seems to swirl round – the band leaning to the right and some of the audience to the left.


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