Oriental Lilies

Watercolour first

Watercolour first

Line detail second

Line detail second

One could get the idea that all my sketches recently are this bouquet of perfumed Oriental Lilies.  I promise this is the third and final one. The blooms are mostly out now and I’ve taken out any that are over, so it’s not exactly the same anymore, but then neither has my treatment of the medium.

I decided to put the colour down first. This meant letting go a bit, as I didn’t even do a pencil composition. Just wet the colours and slopped then on, glancing to see that this was the way the subject looked when I half closed my eyes. Of course there was no room for the birthday cards round the vase. Not to worry, Then it was left to dry.

Now for part two. So I let the pen decide really. Maybe too much drawing, so painted in the white outlines of the petals, and decided to leave it there.

I liked taking a chance like this, starting with no drawing and going in with the watercolour. I now want to do more of it. This is extremely brave of me as it’s like starting a drive to somewhere with no roadmap. You just have to work it out as you go and see where you end up.



  1. I think the more you are “in practice” the more willing you are to take the risk and go for it, and of course when it works out – which it undoubtedly does here, Erin – it’s a great feeling. Nice to share with others, but it’s a private pleasure too don’t you think? Anyway, I like this one – again it’s so helpful to have the process described, but I have to say I tried to work it out first before reading your text. Broad watercolour wash, ink line and then white afterwards. Thanks for sharing it.


  2. You worked it out perfectly. I admit that since I started doing so much more drawing that I’m much freer. I don’t try for an outcome and let it be whatever it will be. Quite a change for me and I love it. Thanks for your kind comments.


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