Before the Day Begins

Before the Day Begins

Before the Day Begins

I like to start the day with a nice cup of tea. Cups of tea are always nice, or so the saying goes. This was Sunday morning. No deadlines, things to do, places to be. So I set my nice cuppa tea down on the little round table outside, and drifted into thought.

My mind began to see the pot plant and cup and the cast shadow of the rising morning sun, and wanted me to go and get my pad and pen. So I came back to the world and dutifully fetched the drawing equipment.

It’s always the elipses that worry me so they were first to go in. MMmm, bit wonky, but I’d started and had to go on. So I decided it didn’t matter – it’s just a sketch after all. The rest fitted in after that and before long I decided it was done.

Next for the colour. I had to because I wanted to drink the tea, One of the attractions of this accidental still life was the blue and white pattern on pattern. One French, one Chinese. Think I got the contrast about right, but still keeping the table, cup & saucer, and planter white in the right places.

It was worth doing because I could pat myself on the back for having done a drawing before the day really began. And it was indeed a very nice cup of tea, if slightly cold.



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