Life on the Dressing Table

Happy Hairbrush

Happy Hairbrush

Sphinx Cat

Sphinx Cat

Most of the time you don’t notice what lives on your dressing table. Until one day you suddenly see it. The smile. The eyes. Every day they see you, but do you see them?

The specs have a leopard living on the inside of their arms! That’s when I saw the hairbrush smile.

Over on the other side the Sphinx Cat watches silently, holding the pearls and jewellery I drape round it’s shoulders till I’m ready to wear them.  Who knows what it thinks. But never alone, it has my favourite purrrrfumes to watch over when I’m gone.

I am a fragrance gal. I prefer them as pure as possible. The ones I like are made from real ingredients without synthetics. It’s the way I like my perfume, and way I like my paint. And in both cases you don’t need to use as much.

I haven’t thought to look what’s going on recently, but it’s nice to know they all seem to be there when I need them.  Like my trusty sketch book and drawing pens. Oh there’s a thought. What goes on there when I’m not around!


One comment

  1. benedicte delachanal

    Bonjour Erin,
    j’adore votre brosse qui sourit!
    Thank you very much for your visit and comment, and for adding me in your blog roll.
    Your watercolors are amazing,and your blog and site very interesting.
    I will be glad to read you in French.


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