Organising the Drawing Gear

Drawing gear 1

Drawing gear 1

Drawing gear 2

Drawing gear 2

It started because I always forget the way the portable easel fits together. It only comes out when I travel. If I made a drawing with instructions I thought I could refer to it if I need to.

Having worked it out now I’m probably fine but once you arrive at a completely unknown location and looking madly for the right  subject to start on – I may suffer one of those moments and be flapping round like a dill. Unheard of, of course.

Ended up putting in the pens and little watercolour set, plus the pouch those bits go into. There wasn’t room for the other pallette so that’s in the next drawing.

This is a funny plastic pallette which Glenys gave me about 20 years ago, when she knew I was going to give watercolour a go. And I’ve never given it up. I don’t use heaps of colours so they all sit perfectly into this, plus it’s got a good thumbholder, and I can make lots of other colours in the spaces there.

It looks shocking at times and nothing like as pristine as it looks here, because I leave all the mixed colours and use them when I need a neutral tone of some sort.

I’m pretty happy with the brushes. I have bigger ones but I won’t be doing anything bigger than 300 x 225mm paintings while travelling. I haven’t shown the collapsable water container – but it’s very cute – flattens down like a chinese lantern. I always have small packets of tissues as for mopping water or brushes, and it stops me wasting them if I’m limited.

So with having made so many notes I have no excuse not to know if it’s all there. O.m.g. I left my mobile phone at the top of the village in Spello on the last trip. It had started to rain and I had to grab everything fast and run all the way down to the bus at the bottom. Then I realised the phone was probably still up there. I got plenty of exercise that day!!

As it turns out the volcano erupting in Iceland this minute may well affect our flying into Europe. Here’s hoping.



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