Rooftops to Sacre-Couer

Rooftops to Sacre- Couer

Rooftops to Sacre- Couer

Well I did say I don’t draw everything from cafes! This was one of those fabulous rooftop vistas, from the top of an apartment building. In fact it would have been the maid’s quarters at one time, but a great abode for Joanna’s friend who’s cat we’d gone to feed.

We’d been in Momtmartre just that afternoon, so to climb all those stairs and find this view with Sacre-Coeur just beyond was such a bonus. In fact I shifted a chimney pot to clear the space for it. I think we all do that. Just move a mountain when you feel like it to perfect the composition!!

Have to say Paris is quite chilly this week so my drawings since this one are in sheltered places. But more of those soon.

Yes, I seem to be ‘seeing’ in portrait format at the moment. Not sure why, just seems to be working. Hope everyone is s bit warmer than we are.



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    • Bonjour Stephen, I am having fun. This is a breakthrough for me as I haven’t sketched like this before. Always photographed the location and worked on a painting later. Now this is another step to that and I can still paint later. Feel a great sense of freedom now. Yipee. Thanks for your comments.


  2. Kim

    Hello Erin, I am a friend of Andreas and have just returned from Paris, myself. I love this city so much and have found a lot of inspiration there. Your paintings/sketches are truly wonderful. I love the views you are finding and can imagine you can only stop sketching long enough to eat (yummy) and sleep! Enjoy your visit and I will be back to enjoy your adventures.


    • Bonjour Kim, I was so thrilled to hear from you. We met with Andrea on Thursday and she is a delight. Glenys my friend, and I loved seeing her sketch book and we chatted away the whole time. I am feeling so happy with my sketches in Paris this time. I would never do this before as I didn’t like my drawings. Never good enough I thought. So this is a break through and I don’t worry about how they turn out any more. I will check out your site too. Thanks so much for getting in touch. Have a lovely weekend.


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