From Rue de Sebastopol

From Rue de Sebastopol

From Rue de Sebastopol

This drawing wasn’t quite part of my plan. Not that I actually have one. I had gone in for my French lesson, having got there on time, to find that the tutor had fallen off the metro so wouldn’t be coming. Mmmmm. Had she heard I’d be in the class and fainted!

So, not be be put off, I headed for the cafe next door and used my enormous amount of French to order my cafe Creme. I have paid a fortune to be able to do this.

It was a bit cold, but keen to get drawing and get over my disappointment I drew what was across the street. It was really a good time to be doing it as the sun was just coming down the little street and making useful shadows. It seems most shops and cafes open at 10am, so I was pleased my cafe was up and running, and the ones across Rue Sebastopol were opening their doors as well.

It’s just a little corner of Paris waking up for the day. Sorry it looks to be a little out of focus. Should be sharper when it’s woken up.


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