Tour Eiffel

Tour Eiffel

Tour Eiffel

What a fabulous structure this is. It looks like lace but is a solid grey enormous metal construction. We like this end of the park because it is only locals who are there. People with dogs, business people taking a shortcut, and little ol’ ladies with their shopping caddies, and lots of trees.

Decided to whizz the 2 outside lines down, then take it from there. Actually I have unwittingly condensed the lower part to fit the page, – as you do. Not to worry. A few trees always helps there.

A second sketch I did isn’t quite as interesting. The minute you start getting caught up in the criss-crosses etc you are doomed. Hope this is recognisable to you. If they built it like my sketch, we’d be in trouble.

More tomorrow. We did some River Seine scribbles today. Tonight we meet the others from the US for dinner at Hotel du Nord. One of my favourites. Right on Canal St Martin. Bon Soir.



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