Monet’s Garden. The lake towards the House

Monet's Garden, The lake to House

Monet's Garden, The lake to House

Sorry about the time lapse. We got very used to having fast Wifi in Paris, but trying to upload from the mountains in Barga looks like a teeny weeny challenge. I will try smaller images just to get them posted in some form.

We had a wonderful opportunity to paint after hours in the garden at Giverney. Niki organised this months ago so it was quite exciting to hop on the train at Gare Saint-Lazare and make the journey to the Holy Grail.

Luckily the promised rain held off and the excitement mounted for the 6 of us when the moment came to  go through and out into the gardens – sans tourists. We had one hour.

Did a lot of reference shots then did 4 drawings from the lake and towards the house. So far this one came up but will get another on if I can. It was quite overwhelming for a few minutes and a bit of deep breathing took place and then the pen took over. Nothing like a deadline to get you going.

The colours this time were the prettiest I’d seen. Tulips and stocks, pansies and daisies, plus other ones I’m not sure of but recognise. Pinks, lavenders, blues, whites, hints of reds and golds. I love those dark red plum coloured trees that sit amongst pines and willows. And the fragrance was heaven. It took me back to my Uncle’s garden of my childhood.

Still a few from Paris to show you, but Italy is happening fast. So depending on what happens with our paintings I’ll decide what to show. Hope your weather is better than ours.



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  2. Kim

    Erin it sounds as though you are having a great time and what an amazing experience you had at Giverny. My daughter and I also went out there for the day when we were in Paris last month and it was an exceptional time. Your painting brought back some good memories. I love your style!

    I am loving your adventure and look forward to any future posts you are able to make.

    Have Fun and keep dry!


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