The Japanese Bridge, Monet’s Garden

Japanese Bridge, Monet's Garden

Japanese Bridge, Monet's Garden

Oh good. This one is the bigger size. Moved to the other end of the big sitting room and the signal is stronger.

My breakfast bowl is on the side table, coffee and the laptop is being laptopped on my lap, plus one ear on the others in case of gossip.

This was a glorious moment. Standing on the other little bridge which was covered in fragrant wisteria was the iconic view. How many versions of this have you seen? Well guess what. Now there is another. Might have to leave France and  begin the Italian images tomorrow.

What I will show is unlike anything you’ve seen from me before. Chris Bell pushes you to the limit. That’s what I wanted and OMG he is. A strange feeling. We have worked charcoal sketches and then large ones. Yesterday was oils in Bruno Cordati’s studio. That is what I will do tomorrow. Unbelievable experience. Another adventure in painter’s paradise. Not that my oil is so great but it was pushing me to the edge working the materials. I’d forgotten how patient one must be. Mess comes easily and wet paint doesn’t like being painted on right away. So I have a battle going on. Needs more highlights, now the sun has come out. No, that bit should be darker. No time to swap brushes, must do it now. Oh dear, mess. Throw tantrum. No, get back on your horse girl. get over it.

So will tell you tomorrow how the acrylic day goes.

Still variable weather.



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  2. I look forward to seeing the acrylics. In the meantime, this is a lovely view of the bridge,; nicely balanced. I sketched something with lily pads a couple of days ago in pencil as it happens. Will post it in a day or two.


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