Charcoal Sketching in Italy

Working Drawings

Working Drawings

Last time I used charcoal was at life drawing classes somewhere in my distant memory. Here is an exercise said Chris. Pick a spot, do a 10, 30, 60 and 120 second series of sketches and get to know your subject. Then do a one hour drawing. It’s the little chimney on top of an ancient outdoor oven.

I hour charcoal

I hour charcoal

This of course can become the basis for a painting in whatever medium you choose to work in. You will have worked out the values, composition etc, and less likely to muck up on the big work. That’s the theory anyway!

Studio, Barga Italy

Studio, Barga Italy

Here is where we work. It’s the original old manger, restored as Chris’s studio and accommodation for visitors. On the wall you may be able to make out the charcoal drawings, all so different and all done in the said hour. In front are the early stages of the acrylics we are layering and sponging back. more tomorrow if possible. We are in transit via Heathrow then, so watching the news to see if the ash or the BA strike will change our plans. meanwhile today we will paint bravely on.


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