The Toll houses of Pont en Royan

Pont en Royan Toll Houses

Pont en Royan Toll Houses

Clock Tower, Pont en Royan

Clock Tower, Pont en Royan

Another of Jackie’s great finds. Painting locations which are different, challenging and historical. Pont en Royan is one of the villages high in the Vercors national park in France. These gorges are some of the most famous in Europe.

The medieval toll houses are 16th century and actually suspended over the river. It is breathtaking I can tell you. At the time tolls were collected at the pass from traders wishing to pass through the gorge. People still live there and you can see people peering down at us in the valley below, looking up at them, and painting.

I needed  some time to take all this in before sketching, as this is not a scene I can say I have painted before. I find I do the main colour areas and the almost draw with a thinner brush for the detail. Everyone managed some pretty interesting ways to paint here, as we saw at the evenings ‘show and tell’

In the afternoon it was really hot, so I found a concrete picnic table with shade, so I could face the clocktower a little along from the toll houses, and not get burnt to a frazzle.

Somehow about 4 pm everyone ended up in the cafe overlooking the view below and ordering crisp vin blanc or gelato. Such a rewarding day. Your head just spins with all the history in these little towns. You can see it and feel it.



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