The Old Prison, Annecy

The Old Prison, Annecy

The Old Prison, Annecy

Cafes, Annecy

Cafes, Annecy

Located in the Haute-Savoie region of France, Annecy is the French showpiece of lakes and mountain beauty, and there is also a canal.

Our painting choices were unlimited, narrow medieval streets, lakes and boating, mountains, the ancient prison with the canal going either side, plus it was Market day.

This all brought on a need for a coffee infusion, so of course one can make better decisions about what to paint after that. Today felt like a drawing day. That meant I was free to stand anywhere I liked without much painting equipment. The roof lines are high here too, so it’s important for me to note that.

I really felt the old prison was essential as I hear it’s one of the most photographed icons in France after the Eiffel Tower. It has a great shape and not very big, so it didn’t seem to me that it would be so terrifying being imprisoned right in town. I mean if you could escape you could paddle across and not get eaten by sharks. It’s hardly Alcatraz! But it might not have been much fun and I’m sure they did horrible things in there. OOOOooh, my imagination is running wild –  back to the drawing.

The whole place is just a 1/2 hour to Geneva so it had a definite Swiss influence, and was even a Swiss province some centuries back.

Also did another drawing of the lake, complete with ducks and swans, but haven’t posted that one. Another great day for  painting, though a few people sneaked in a bit of shopping as well. Tut tut.

©Erinhill 2010

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