Romantic Paris

Starbucks, Paris

Starbucks Paris

Well I can get to the romantic bit in a minute!

Actually Paris does live up to it’s reputation and the love of my life and moi, were on the Champ Elyses where every tourist checks out Louis Vuitton, and apart from our daughter Joanna who happens to work there, and we would meet at lunch, not many others are locals. Milton and I of course are not tourists!

OK, so we happened across Starbucks and joined the mob to get coffee. I still can’t work out  why the smallest coffee you can buy is about a gallon. Who on earth can drink it all.

I still think their coffee is weak. I believe you have to ask for a ‘double’ if you want flavour, and I don’t mean caramel and all the other shockers.

So yes I was busy, and with all the exploring on my Paris return, this teeny sketch was all I did.

But I did want to tell you that we had the best apartment.

I prefer this to hotels. It’s home, and you can do your own food and laundry, unlike hotels, and it works out better value. We do tend to do dinner somewhere interesting though.

We were near the Pompidou Centre in Arr 3, so easy to get all over the best parts of Paris from there. We had our ‘Mariage’ tea of course, plus a nice selection of fresh fruit and our baguette Tradition came from Pain du Sucre, just round the corner on Rue Rambuteau. If you are adverse to lovely old squeaky stairs, then think of the calories you’re burning off and hey, you only have to get your suitcase up and down once.

I always go to NewYorkHabitat, who have an excellent selection. If you feel like looking here is the web address for ours.

Maybe I have to leave it to you to decide why I called this ‘Romantic Paris’



  1. A wonderful teeny sketch Erin….I had to laugh at you sketching Starbucks in Paris though!! Next time you visit Paris, I’ll take you to one or two of the BEST coffee places in Paris, but for now, I only revel at your Parisien experience here from my laptop in correze, while the rain is POURING down outside! Have a safe trip home!


    • Thanks Ronelle, Yes it was quite funny. As you can tell I’m not a Starbucks fan but because we there, it was a good chance to show
      something else about Paris. About to show the work done in Trausse-Minervois and then Sydney work again. I will certainly join you for some real coffee on my next visit. Hope you get some sunshine soon up there in Correze. XXE


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