Milo the Cat in his Paris Apartment

Milo in his Paris Apartment

Milo in his Paris Apartment

I have shown this before, but not with the most important element – Milo the cat.

It was during the night that I suddenly realised he should be there, since we’d been to feed him while his owner was away.

Now this is one of those superb rooftop apartments which was once relegated to the housemaid, but which are now so sought after. Only certain cats and people can have this lifestyle. Firstly you have to remember where all the stairs are. They start off fine, then you might have to go through a cupboard or doorway to continue.Then you have to remember all that coming down, but in reverse. Milo loves this. It’s his very own ‘jungle-gym’

He likes to spend his day somewhere near the food bowl – well a miracle might occur. He has a selection of toys and things tied to string for a good workout. You can tell which chairs and sofas are his from the telltale dent he’s worked into them. Then there are all those shelves, nooks and rafters which need climbing onto, in case a small critter should magically appear for him to stalk.

Then of course he has to keep an eye on what’s going on outside. A tweety bird might do a fly by. Worth a swipe at – might one day get one!!!  The other rooftop cats no doubt eyeball each other and plot how to be rid of the other. There can only be one ‘Top Cat’ you know.

He is really from New York, so this view is about his eye level. There he could never quite see the top of anything, but he never discusses the goings-on he saw across the street. No no no.

Then at the end of the day, when the one he’s the boss of comes home, he’s ready to entertain her after the very mundane day he obviously thinks all humans have.

Milo of Paris

Milo of Paris

Introducing Milo. A very satisfied cat.


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