Vide Grenier (Clear out your Attic)

Vival Supermarche & Vide Grenier

Vival Supermarche & Vide Grenier

Normally the little main street of Trausse is quiet. People would be getting their bits and pieces and baguettes from the only supermarche in town, passing and greeting one another in the polite way of the French.

Today was Vide Grenier and everyone was excited. A yearly chance to empty out the attic and a chance pick up someone else’s unwanted treasures. The main street was bursting with stalls the whole way along. An unbelievable sight.

Marilyn and Steve were sharing a stall with Sue and Allan, and much organising had taken place. You had to be there very early to find your allocated space and set up to make it all look enticing. Milton and I stayed well out of the way till at least 9am but even then all sorts of strange things were being proudly transported home.

We found our friends had scored great spot outside Vival Supermarche, and Alain and Nadege, the owners had let Marilyn hang her designer castoffs in front of the gas bottle display. Alan decided Marilyn had won the prize for the best Gas Bottle disguise.

This just so happens to be where you will purchase your Erin Hill Gallery greeting cards showing varying views around little Trausse Minervois. What a perfect opportunity to sketch.

Supermarches are not usually my top subjects but this looked so picturesque, and that’s Nadege peering out from the window above.

However the weather had threatened to be rather wet, but held off for a few hours.Time enough for Marilyn to sell some of her outfits and gorgeous shoes to some astute shoppers. Some leftover floor tiles sold along with a printer, edge cutter couple of irons and other odds and sods.

The 4 of them appeared back at La Remise about lunch time, after big drops of rain didn’t pass and simply soaked lots of stalls So while we packed to leave they enjoyed their wine and packed lunch at home rather than stallside. Better weather next year one hopes.


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