Sketches of Stone Cottages in Trausse, South of France

La Remise Chez Capper

La Remise Chez Capper

One of 3 Stone cottages Trausse

One of 3 Stone cottages Trausse

2nd of 3 Stone Cottages

2nd of 3 Stone Cottages

This is about it. Last of the drawings but not of two paintings I’ve yet to show. Both in the Summer Kitchen Garden and in my newer look.

La Remise is where Marilyn and Steve live for half the year. Summer in France, and summer in Australia. Nice way to have it. This was the old barn and is now a gorgeous home where they work, looking after their 3 stone cottages and the people staying, plus entertain their myriad visitors – and us. The petunias are amazing but need to be completely replaced after the winter.

Just past the blooms on the right is the really old gate leading to where we stay.

The 2 other stone cottages shown ( haven’t done the fast sketch of the 3rd cottage – had to catch a plane! ) are both superbly restored with French antiques in varying periods. The attention to detail in both is wonderful. I hear the visitors getting terribly excited and wanting to do the same back home.

Will put the paintings up tomorrow and then begin my Australian work. Might be a bit slow there as I don’t quite know what I’m doing!! But it’s fun.


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