My New Studio

Colour sketch of Studio

Colour sketch of Studio

Things have been happening.

Since returning from France and Italy I have realised that I want a place to paint in, spread out, walk away. leave paints where they are, paint early, paint late…… etc. I’ve always had space for all this in the houses we’ve lived in. But then we downsized to our gorgeous townhouse by the harbour. That has been fine for smaller works but now I want to go bigger and messier and explore other mediums and techniques. Somehow the spare bedroom doesn’t do it for me anymore.

So I began looking around in Manly near home, and went on an amazing adventure and met some lovely people. At first I thought any abandoned space would do. So I looked at a few but nothing clicked. I do work on instinct. The old shop on Sydney Rd was a possibility but I needed to be sure. The agent was great. She mentioned someone else who might share so I had a look. Too far away but that person mentioned a new Artspace. That looked promising but there was a waiting list. Sydney Rd was still on my mind. Back I went and this time I knew it was just right. It has lovely leadlights along the top windows and is light, bright and warm and no carpet.

So I move in this week. That just means a few easels, tables and the coffee machine. It doesn’t look like my drawing yet but it will when I repaint in Tuscan tones turn on the lighting and open the door.

Who knows but I may invite 1 or 2 other artists to share the space if it works for me. And low and behold, someone I met on this journey  has opened a Gallery & Decor Studio 2 doors along, and a photograher is going in on the other side of my studio. How amazing. Nothing has happened in this little group of slightly out of the way shops for eons. Suddenly it’s an art community.

I don’t need opening hours, but the sign will say ‘Open by appointment or if I’m painting’ So if I’m doing production for card and print orders in my other office it doesn’t matter. I will have 3 easels in the window displaying paintings for sale, more in boxes inside and there will be greeting cards too.

I mainly want to paint, so if people drop in it’s fine. If they don’t it’s also fine. Can’t wait to get the show on the road. Wish me luck.



  1. Very exciting Erin. The light looks good. And space! I’ve examined your photos in the finest detail to see what materials you are using – Matisse is not a brand I’ve come across. And structural gel? I haven’t noticed that in any of your work..


  2. Seems to be a good quality Acrylic and it’s not cheap. I never buy student quality anything. I bought some in pots and some in tubes. There is a Gel medium which slows drying and adds lustre plus an Open medium which means what is still in the pallette won’t go hard before next time. Worked too.
    I have a mixing white, which softens the pure pigment without making it lose colour. Also a Titanium white for usual use. You’ll soon see what I’m working on and I think it’s finished. It’s not that great but will post it anyway.


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