Amelie Guards the Studio

Amelie guards the Studio

Amelie guards the Studio

We are getting there

We are getting there

Getting to work

Getting to work

Things are making progress. Yesterday I painted the grey wall white – 1st coat.

The picture hanging system is coming on Tuesday, so getting the walls ready was a good thing to do on a Sunday.  The bench top is being made so should be here soon. Cardboard cartons are my saviour.

Today was sunny and cheerful so everything looked welcoming for our good friends Dale and Gilly and Yvonne. They seemed suitably impressed and even spent $ on cards and prints. Truly dedicated friends indeed.

Amelie our Shi-itzu is very happy here. She likes the sun (it’s winter) and sat in the doorway gazing at the passersby, or under the table when I was working there.

I now have the big ‘Twin Bridges’ on an easel. This is the acrylic I did in all the layers and glazes, which I’m busting to do more of. Soon I will have places for my bits of inspirations which have been living in boxes, during our moves over the last year or so. The recent paintings are matted and lined up for me to ponder over.

Life is good.


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