Studio coming along, but will it work to share?

Studio window

Studio window

Take a seat

Take a seat

Pictures up

Pictures up

The track system is now up so have stacked the walls with everything formerly on the floor. Managed to get that olive/grey wall done so that the white track would sit nicely at the top, and I wouldn’t have to paint around it. The whole studio looks so fresh and bright.

People are stopping to come and see what I’m doing now. The front window shows from the street as cars go by, so it’s obvious that it’s an art gallery. I do explain that it’s my Studio, where I paint and they are most interested. Two artists came in yesterday at different times and one is bringing her oil pastels in to show me – I like seeing how people use their mediums, and she is interested in how I use watercolour and acrylic. The other painter was just so inspired she wanted to take the place next door – even though there is a Convenience store alredy there!!

Waiting to get the bench put in across the far corner next to the tub ( fab having water ) and then shelving can go up for Art Books and materials and everything else. The main idea is to keep the centre space clear for moving easels while working and getting the best light.

I am wondering about sharing the space with 2 other painters but haven’t yet put the official word out. This will be interesting. I can work well with others around, and whoever it is, needs to have similar work ethics to mine. I’m reading up about this so that we have some clear understandings and expectations in place. I will supply the easels and work trolleys. They just need their own paint and paper/canvas and positive outlook. I see this as being a great way to share ideas and techniques and encourage each other.  Anyway, I’m not there all the time, so at least it would be open. What do others think? I’m really keen to hear your views.


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  1. Your studio looks GREAT Erin!! It would probably help the renting if you could share…on the other hand, if you’re like me…I’m totally selfish on my space and time! Hope it works out, whichever way you go and how I would love to see it in person. good luck…I’ll check in to see your progress!


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