Amelie helps with the big Art decisions

Amelie choosing a card from the new spinner

Amelie choosing a card from the new spinner

Amelie deciding what to paint

Amelie deciding what to paint

It’s good to have someone to talk to when you are deciding what to paint next. Should I start that Cafe de Flore one or should I get onto the half finished stack?  Or to heck with it all and  go drawing somewhere. This is where Amelie our Shi-itzu. Now 9 years of age and a very supportive companion, comes in. She always gives me her views. Never complains, never answers back, and listens politely if a painting is going pear-shaped.

She goes with me to the Studio, or to the Office when we go to do printing. In fact the staff get ‘Amelie withdrawal’ if she doesn’t go there enough every week. She has toys in each location for  when the ‘shake the ….. out of it’ mood comes on. Usually when everyone down tools and gives her 200% attention. Oh forget the deadline – Amelie is here.

She really hates being left at home. So happily waits in the car while we go to dinner, movies, yoga, supermarket, gym etc etc.

Except SOMEONE forgot to bring her home last night. So that person had to drive back to the office and remind her it was home time. She didn’t worry. Someone always sorts out that sort of mere detail. ‘No one forgets me.’


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