My Pinboard Friends

Friend from around the world all collected on my pinboard.

Friends from around the world all collected on my pinboard.

Last week I painted the cork  white – as if you’d see it now anyway. Then out came my special collection of bits and pieces I’ve saved which inspire me, and which had been in boxes because I’ve had nowhere for them.

I have cards from Glenys based on her superb South African paintings.

A set of Tuscan illustrative cards I’ve always like the style of.

A mad series of Paris postcards of the Eiffel Tower as crazy paintings.

Some square ones showing a religious theme with a mosaic look, from an Exhibition we fell upon in Arles a while back. This girl had enlarged sections of her main painting and made square postcards, all in a folder for each visitor. Must have cost a fortune.

A set of postcards from Granada grabbed me as I adore Flamenco dance and music. To me these mini posters had a 30’s feel to the art.

A card from Noel Garner, another from Barry Coombs, another From Niki and Suzanne, plus others I get a lot of pleasure looking at.

I have kept for years a fabric catalogue from Provence. I adore beautiful design typical of a county’s culture, and this book is jam packed full of traditional French designs. I was thinking I might use some of the motifs on the ceramic tiles I want to do as a splashback. I’m not sure I want beach scenes any more.

I have  collected much over the years, mostly cards which remind me of times and places and people I like.

The little heart montage is from 6 year old Andrew, who’s parents own the store next door. He made that himself and glued it all together for me. He does new drawings for me if I’m there on Saturdays. I’m going to get him a coloured folder to keep them in. These will be wonderful to look at again in a few years time.

Something very special is the black bag hanging over the alarm system box. It is made by the Kuna Yula women in the San Blas Islands off Panama in the Caribbean Sea. I also have cushion sized pieces of embroidered fabric in glorious colours, which I will make up for those 2 chairs I have. Milton picked these up as he kayaked through there a couple of years back – as you do!! He must have known the day would come when I would need that exact thing. Perfect.

I’m sure there will be changes, like a moving feast, but it’s great to get so much up to start.

Have a great weekend everyone. Drop in again.


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