Acrylic Painting – 3rd Stage

Balmoral Acrylic with added paint

Balmoral Acrylic with added paint

Close-up of Texture

Close-up of Texture

Balmoral Acrylic nears completion

Balmoral Acrylic nears completion

This is when you can start actual painting. If you are happy with the previous layers and glazing, you now mix the colours you’ll be using, with some Gel Medium (gives lustre ) and Open Medium ( holds off drying too fast. )

It’s now that the experimenting takes place. I changed the sky colour several times – rubbing it off with wet paper towel and my tiny sponge. ( Remind Joanna to get some for me when in Santorini soon! ) I altered colours and then added and removed as needed. I wanted lost edges and colours which worked over into the next. You can scrape, sand off, dab on, use sticks and so on.

What I love is the texture of the original Gesso laid onto the paper, showing through all the colours which follow. And when I look at the paintings done in Rhone Alpes – on wall behind – then the layers of colour are a consistent thing with me at the moment. It’s more to do with how I’m putting paint on than the subject. It’s very rewarding.

I have removed the tape from the edge of the painting block, and see what it looks like tomorrow when I see it again with fresh eyes. Might fiddle with the arch bridge. I think it’s done. I think. I don’t know yet!

I have now made some subtle corrections around the bridge, and those who have seen it, say they like it. I am going to use the leftover colours in a ‘Fauvist’ style painting next. That will be interesting.


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