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Beginning Fairlight Beach Acrylic

Beginning Fairlight Beach Acrylic

I have a Vlaminck page in a sketchbook of drawings and reference I’d collected, and decided to have a crack at this style.

His is of trees and a house, but no matter, mine is based on some photos I did along the beach walk, so not much similarity there!. It’s the colours he used I loved, and then big black lines all over it to define the shapes of things.

I taped up the painting block, and began putting paint on the big areas. No drawing here, but my reference gives me a clue as to where I’ll put things. It is now drying and tomorrow I’ll put my life on the line and let loose. Hope too that the cling wrap has prevented too much drying on the pallette. I really like the colours Vlaminck has used, which are creamy butters, peaches, sage greens, dove greys, aqua, turquoise and china blue. I’ve put quite a bit of white into the primaries to get ‘the look.’

It may look entirely different soon. How will it turn out? Will we like it?


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