Women Artists Worth Seeing

Opening at Gallery8, Sydney

Opening at Gallery8, Sydney

It’s funny how things work out. I’d seen Galleryeight on ‘Art Forum’ and liked the sound of the people, the venue, the Artists they are attracting, and decided it might be a Gallery I’d like to show in myself.

There was an Opening happening on Tuesday night so Milton and I decided to attend. It’s in the historic part of Sydney town right next door to the oldest hotel which is a tourist attraction in itself.

It’s not a big space but has such energy, and the work of the two women painters, who hadn’t known each other before the exhibition, was curated by gallery owner Peter Kramer. Both artists create beautiful quite delicate images inspired by Australian naturalism with an underlying theme of colonial Australia and the loss of wildlife. Called “Traces of Nature” Cathy Drew and Jennie Holtbaum were both working on projects to explore the role of native Australian birds, animals and plants as traditional but vanishing images using watercolour, pencil, acrylic, paper bark and even feathers.

It was nice to meet both the artists, as I always like to know their story. They should do well. Great work at realistic prices. All the best girls.


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