The Suits at Coffee


The Suits at Coffee

The Suits at Coffee


Wellington New Zealand. Thursday Nov 4. 10am at Pravda.

Just here for a few days to catch up with our gorgeous families – on both sides. AAAahhhh. But first on the agenda were Milton’s meetings. Good planning to drop him off at my coffee time, find a park ( you always can in Wellington) and head for one of my favourite cafes. Pravda on Customhouse Quay.

At this point I should say that my little cousin used to own it, but now lives in Italy – still in the coffee business. So it was important that I check out how things are with new owners.

Good marks for service, They seated me by the window- perfect for drawing. Water was brought and the coffee was 10/10. As it always was. I soooooo enjoyed it. Brought me back to life and it gave me time to observe meanwhile.

Certainly the place where business people meet. Lots of intense conversations and posturing. Staff all busy and attentive.Customers mainly chaps, but a few gals in heels and power suits. Luckily I too had my Wellington black coat on so  blended in well.

So here is what I saw as I enjoyed my cafe moment then back out into the crisp air with a hint of rain.


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