Sketching at Manly’s OceanCare Day


OceanCare Day, Manly

OceanCare Day, Manly


We were so lucky with the weather. Apparently it was to rain all week and it sort of has been. But not today.

The Manly Environment Centre does an annual celebration of the Ocean. So today everyone who cares about our survival was here to show it.

I was asked by well known Manly artist Angela van Boxtel, if I would represent the Sydney Sketch Club and draw on location. Angela is organiser of many community Art Events so I was more than happy to be involved. It’s also good for me that people know my Studio is just up the road.

She had lined up pre-loved surf boards for the public to take some chalk and be creative. I found it fascinating to observe people while I sketched. Most look around, a little shy, then decide that just their name and a few love hearts will do. Then the obligatory photo with the surf boards.


Mother and Daughter chalk drawing

Mother and Daughter chalk drawing


Sam the Environmental Frog

Sam the Environmental Frog



I liked this frog. The display beside him was quite fascinating. You can’t see it here, but those people are looking at it. They had a miniature village and showed where water does and doesn’t go, depending on how much care one takes.

There was a lady wearing a gown of plastic bags! Displays of what gets stuck in fishing nets. Displays of things which go down drains. Bit sad really. I always like the penguin people. They stand every night next to Manly wharf till the little chaps put themselves to bed, and are safe from all the party goers right above them. They deserve a medal.

A good day and hopefully we’ll all pull finger a little more and look after what we get for free – the planet.



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  1. I loved seeing your wonderful sunny beach pictures. I grew up a surfer girl in San Diego (sunny southern California) and miss those days. The beaches in northern California are mostly windy and cold, especially this time of year!


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