Open Night for Friends and Neighbours


Welcome to our Studio

Welcome to our Studio


It was a jolly occasion. 6.30 – 8.30 sharp. Pop in, have some crisp Rosé or Pinot Gris from Kira’s family vineyard. Anything you purchase tonight is 10% off. And they did.

This was the 3 of us in the Studio saying to the World ‘hello we are here’. Red Olive 2 doors up did the same, which meant we could both take your money – (and give you great value.)  We had such a good time, and people really were fascinated with the way we work in the Studio together, each doing quite different creative things.


Cafe de Flore, Paris

Cafe de Flore, Paris



One of the things I’ve been doing, is working on ‘Cafe de Flore’. Winston had asked me ages ago if I could do this painting. I said I’d have a go. Now Winston is a very particular chap, and he told me what he wanted, ‘sans traffic’ which is easier said than done!

He and Virginia always have coffee on the corner here  (they are on the left of the door with the waiter) at ‘Cafe De Flore’ when in Paris. So using my reference from the last visit plus anything I could dig-up, I decided to surprise him on the night. So when he rocks up to me saying ‘How’s my painting?’ I could flick my head in the direction of it and say ‘Oh there’s one over there you could take a look at’.

it worked out well, and he seemed quite pleased. He kept looking at it during the night but wanted more than one red sticker in case one wasn’t enough to secure it. But being the tough business women that I am, reminded him that until I see the colour of his money – it ain’t sold.

I have a feeling he will return SAP.

A great night all round.


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