Christmas sketch


November Lilies on Christmas Day

November Lilies on Christmas Day


A quiet moment at sunset on Christmas Day.  A moment to draw whatever was in front of me from where I had collapsed. I’d had an idea about sketching the food as it was presented to our eager family – but somehow when you are hosting the occasion, that moment to step away and put pen to paper is not available.

By this time , we’d had the Christmas Eve dinner at Balmain the previous night. We’d been up early to prepare Christmas lunch for family coming to us. We’d opened presents from Nicky and Adrian in San Francisco and Joanna and Olivier visiting for Christmas, plus our own.

There had been time for a swim before the feast. I won’t mention that the dogs ( Ruby the Westie is staying) and Amelie, had screamed across the sand and jumped over the ladies decorously lying on their towels!!  OOoops. No I won’t  tell you about that. Back to wines food and laughter aplenty, and the most perfect summer’s day possible had been ours.

I’d even done every dish in the place so as to appear like those perfect TV shows where you never see anyone cleaning up. I tell you it’s me. Joanna did some miracles too. So she get’s some credit.

By this stage one is weary but happy. Like having completed a marathon. You made it. The fridge is full but great for snacking later on the balcony and listening to the passersby greeting the end of the day.

Hope everyone had a good day together with your favourite people. But I’m also aware that not everyone can.

©ErinHill 2010



  1. Nichola Hill

    Sounds like the best sort of Christmas you could wish for. The sketch is great! I do love the sitting buddha in the foreground. Ho ho ho from Memphis, Tennessee y’all!


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