Rain Clouds

Rain Clouds

Rain Clouds

Day after Boxing Day. At least I can see across the harbour right now, but 10 minutes ago – white out!  In fact when I started the drawing I could see everything quite well, but had to stop when misty rain kept washing any tad of colour out completely.

But this hasn’t stopped the ParaSail boat taking people out and launching them way up into the sky. Off they go up up up, and just to make sure they are really wet, they get dunked in the sea, then back up. What hardy creatures they are. I can’t help but think these poor wretches were given vouchers in their Christmas stockings, and had to go up on the only day they had.

Others are walking to what promised to be a lovely picnic day with the family on the beach. So armed with coffees rain gear and umbrellas, they gaze out to the harbour at everyone else having a fab time. Yes, my friend the crazy sailboarder is out there. In fact some buddies have joined him.

But we do not have floods or drought here, just a little wind (as the Sydney to Hobart boats have discovered) and some very paintable rain clouds. That means a silver lining.


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