The Best Breakfast


Summer Breakfast

Summer Breakfast


I’ve always loved breakfast. Of all the meals in a day, this is the one that appeals the most. In fact I even put the bowls out the night before and line up the fruit to be prepared on the chopping board. I prefer it’s not been in the fridge.

Next morning, I take the dog for a good walk and when we get back we both have breakfast. Milton has his when he surfaces, and I know it doesn’t rate as highly for him as for me. He also knows from travelling – never say we don’t have time for breakfast – or I turn into a monster.

Something about getting the paper, a coffee, this bowl of fresh fruit, listening to the radio, and sitting in a comfortable place to enjoy this whole glorious start to the day.

Today it was strawberries, mango, red and white grapes, kiwifruit and fresh fig. The BEST breakfast.


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