Manly and Shelley Beaches

Manly and Shelley Beaches

Manly and Shelley Beaches

Pen over acrylic layers. 30 X 20 inches.

This is a view I keep coming back to. I wanted to experiment with layers of acrylic on 300gsm paper and then draw in black line. I tend to go with a scene I’m familiar with when trying out stuff.  So I started this before Christmas, and worked a little at a time when I could be in the Studio.

I’m trying to think where I want to head with my work this year, and I’m starting to see some possibilities. I can see that the quick line and watercolours could become basic compositions for larger acrylic paintings. Every day I see something I’d like to capture, and now feel it might be possible.

This is a big leap for me. Having the Studio will help make this journey possible. I was there today, working alongside Shekhinah. She is preparing some new canvases, and I was doing the line work on the above painting.

I’m once again excited about trying out some new ways for me to put paint down. And they won’t be big vistas. You might not even know I did them. Surprise, surprise.


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