Lunch with Margaret Olley

Lunch with Margaret Olley

Lunch with Margaret Olley

I was about to sit down with my lunch and look at my new book. I liked the little still-life that was suddenly in front of me and grabbed my drawing pen and sketchbook. Nothing like knowing you can’t eat till you finish to speed things along. I even had to put the colour on, before I forgot how it looked.

This was my plate of apple quarters and 3 crackers spread with Mersey Valley Vintage cheddar and a ‘flat’ peach. Yummm.

Not that I’d planned on buying books at the NSW Art gallery the other day. Somehow I’d drifted into the Bookstore just to see what they had. It’s pretty fabulous actually. I always wish I could take heaps home with me. But this one by Australian artist Margaret Olley caught my eye because it was about her drawings. I hadn’t seen any of this work before, only her oil still life and landscapes. She’d trotted off to Europe and UK after the 2nd world war, and just kept travelling onto Asia. Most of the drawings were done during this time and they’re gorgeous. She’s still painting and I’m most inspired by them.

Maybe that blank canvas will have something on it soon!


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