Cruel Water

Cruel Water

Cruel Water

This is Queensland. Three quarters of the state is now a disaster zone.The worst flooding in living memory.

The pictures are horrifying. Raging water carrying trees, houses, cars, at breakneck speed. Pictures of people desperately trying to cross swirling water. Grabbing onto trees. Isolated on rooftops. Stranded cattle. Snakes wrapped around poles. Goannas clinging to fence posts. Kangaroos atop patches of grassland. Baby possums clinging hopelessly to branches.

Some of this I have tried to record. The water I look down on every day and marvel at the colour of, is so passive and calm. But water can become wild and cruel. The rivers of life have become the opposite. Looking out across the grey harbour and distant rain, all usually so bright and clear somehow makes me feel sad and helpless for the people of Queensland.

Send them your most positive thoughts.


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