Sketch Club at Cockle Bay

'SS South Steyne', Darling Harbour

'SS South Steyne', Darling Harbour

At 4pm sharp, the 16 enthusiastic Sketch Club’ members showed up one by one at the arranged spot. Meet by the Brolga Fountain instructed Jennifer. Luckily it was a sunset sketch as the humidity even at this time was unbelievable. Everything sticks to you and there’s no way to cool down – that was us. But being made of stern stuff we focussed on the job at hand – to make some sense of this complicated venue, one of Sydney’s most popular tourist destinations.

I looked around and laughed. Some of the others are great at choosing a single study, but I’m immediately seeing bridges, overbridges, wharves, boats, trains, pylons, esplanades, restaurants, weddings, balconies, poles, flags, lamps and thousands of people ………aaaaaaaghhhhh.

Best to start in front of my nose, so began the Brolga Fountain, which is based on an Aboriginal meeting circle, and they have ‘dancing bird sculptures around a circle of water springing up. Next, decided on a view along the promenade, and then the one I’m showing, looking from an upstairs viewing area over to the other side, which is Darling Harbour. The old South Steyne now stays where it is and entertains visitors as a restaurant. So I got 4 done, with a sketch of the Wedding girls not completed.

As the day wore on some of us dined on a very tasty hamburger with Jennifer’s recommended herb French Fries – yummmmm. The drawing enthusiasm began to wane after dinner, and people drifted off into the night. Jennifer and I walked right round to the far side to work our way home, and our little eyes were poppin’. Saturday night it is and the town is now jumpin’

Enjoyed so much the drawing and sketching with everybody. We like the ‘show & tell’ and we have plenty of laughter. We will meet again very soon. I see at least 3 more Meetups coming up. Think I’ll give up my day job.


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