Another Day, another International Sketch

High Tide, Manly Cove

High Tide, Manly Cove

Surfboard Antics

Surfboard Antics

I like this side of Manly Wharf. Manly Cove and it could be a million miles from the city. It’s half an hour by ferry. Sketch Club members also liked it. Many of them could be found concentrating over their notebooks, which brought a smile to the faces of many a passerby.

Such a long esplanade, great sand and the water is so aqua and turquoise and green and blue – and sparkly. And that pink edge where the sand is damp. But as you can see in the top sketch, the King tides hadn’t left much beach.

The smaller sketch is toward the Yacht Clubs on the edge of the harbour, with their open doorways and ramps. If you continued to the right, along the pathway of my first sketch, this is where you’d be.

But what caught my eye were the three young girls having a fabulous time playing on their surfboards. They lazed on their backs, sprawled on their fronts and sat side-sadle, chatting and laughing. So lovely to see the joy just mucking about in water can bring.


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