My Sketching Plans – thinking of Trausse- Minervois

The courtyard view from Summer Kitchen

The courtyard view from Summer kitchen

How exciting to find things on the net.

I am now a member of –  Languedoc-Roussillon on SURVIVE FRANCE NETWORK

Because I subscribe to a newsletter from the region, I saw that local blogs were in the menu. Of course I was interested and found Annette Morris had a gorgeous one about the trials and tribulations of living and working in France.  Annette very kindly suggested I join the above website, which I now have.

This is a quick sketch done on my last visit, in the teeny weeny town of Trausse.  This is our little garden where we sit and read, relax and have lunch or dinner with friends or Marilyn and Steve ( oh yes they are friends).

About 90 mins from Toulouse and 30 mins from Carcassonne. We absolutely adore the place and I’m thrilled our good friends Marilyn and Steve love to use a new painting or sketch of mine to send every year to their large list of clients. There are 3 stone cottages which are rented to people smart enough to know this is the most wonderful spot to spend a week or three. If you want to experience true village life then this is for you.

At some stage when our lives are less hectic, we are planning on having a little cottage of our own where we can spend the summer months, Milton can write (or think) and I will be sketch tutoring.  AAAAAaahhh. It will happen.  Thanks Annette.


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