Red Sky in the Morning…

10pm Saturday 31º

10pm Saturday 31º

6am Sunday 27º

6am Sunday 27º

…shepherd’s warning.

10 p.m. Saturday night. I am outside on the balcony gazing to the view beyond, breathing in the cooler air.  31º but 10º lower than the day.

A crazy moment comes when I decide to do a quick sketch. Low lighting from inside glows enough for me to see the sketch book page. It’s strange not seeing where the colours are in the tiny paint box, or where I’m putting them on the few lines drawn. I decide that whatever I paint is not to be fiddled with in the morning.

5 a.m. Sunday. Red glow fills the morning sky, I’m barely awake but this olde rhyme comes to mind. – Red in the morning – shepherd’s warning. But I’m awake enough to get a gorgeous pic of it. Maybe we will get rain as promised. I really hope so. Anything to cool things down. Pleasantly surprised by the result of last night’s painting.  Overall it should have been darker, but it works fine.

5.45 a.m. Sunday. Check today’s temperature. A cool 27º.

6 a.m. Sunday. Maybe I’ll do a sketch of the scene just before the sun bursts through the streaky clouds and we’ll be back to 33º or more.  The sky still has some of the morning ‘s red – now more apricot, plus lavender, lemon, grey/ blue. Very soft. The hillside, St Patricks, the houses, apartments etc are all one colour. Just a few lighter or darker areas of olive/blue green.

The water is full of tiny ripples, and white light comes from beyond the clouds making it the palest area. Three yachts are silhouetted  against the light.

10.17 a.m. Sunday. Time for a perfect coffee.

Post script: 10.40 p.m. Sunday. 20º. Good thing we got the sheep to shelter, because rain it did. Nice and cool now. Oh for a good night’s sleep. Good night all. ZZZZzzzzzz.




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