Art Deco – Kurrajong


Old Kurrajong Cinema

Old Kurrajong Cinema


They have it all in Kurrajong. Why go any further if you happen to be looking for a little something in the Art Deco period (1927 – 1935)

Just take a stroll along the main road, past Sassafras Creek Cafe, but not as far on as Midsommer St Stephen’s, and you cannot miss it. Classic zig zag and straight lines. Decor in Shell Pink, with Olive Green. It looks great actually and is a perfect show place for a wonderful collection of antiques of all kinds. Luckily they do a good 21st century coffee, or if you prefer, a timeless cup of tea.

This sketch will be available along with other new ones, in the Newsagency when I take another day out to Kurrajong. Who knows but I think there’s a Mental Hospital with very interesting architecture waiting for me.




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