Saturday Sketch Club

Sketch Club at Botanical Gardens

Sketch Club at Botanical Gardens

You really cannot draw in the Royal Botanical Gardens and not put in the Ibis. They do look pretty fierce and I once saw one destroy a sparrow – however all the creatures here are rather used to sharing the space with people. I took no notice as several Ibis strutted past, and kept on going. All doing our own thing.

In fact it was the inaugural Royal Botanical Gardens Sketchabout. Anybody at all can come for the next 6 weeks at 1pm and draw, and there are lovely volunteer guides – like Thelma – who will help you find exactly the kind of subject you’d like to attempt.

At 3pm you can meet at the kiosk for ‘Show and Tell’ – if you wish to, and then have a scrummy afternoon tea to complete the day.

Our Sketchclub decided to tie in with the event, and at least 20 or so of us met and found spots all over the gardens. I always adore this view from the park to 2 of the best known icons we have. Just beautiful. It just happened to be a perfect day. Another sketch still needs it’s colour. 9 of us then had ‘Afternoon Tea’, which we sketched, chatted, and  dived into. Very civilised.

It was about 5pm when I left and walked slowly up to the roadway, past several wedding parties arriving for photos and outdoor ceremonies. What a view for the photos. Unbelievable. I’ll be back for another sketch soon.



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