The Tide Comes In

The Tide Comes In

The Tide Comes In

I am very fond of soft edged and pale colours at the moment. Awhile back I did some mixed media with texture colour and stencils. These I felt were a step on the way to something else, but not sure what.

I took this 20 X 24” canvas the other day and gessoed it top to bottom. One of my sketches of rocks and water kept stopping me whenever I flipped past it. I liked the composition – a good 2/3 – 1/3 as they more or less should be. It was this one I decided to treat in very soft colour and rub the edges to merge them into the next.

Rocks and Water

Rocks and Water

Didn’t want the grass in the front so made more water. The yacht sails were really vital. Although everything was lovely and calming – you didn’t know where to look. In go the sails and although small, your eye goes there.

There is an even bigger canvas I see I’ve bought. Good that I do that, as there is always something when I’m looking round for the next thing to start.


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